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Toned physique is desired by men and women. But ugly fat plays a spoilsport and damage the exterior appearance of a person. Beauty has always been defined by the presence of stunning body assets. In modern times people have become more focused on beauty goals through surgical procedures. Removing extra pounds of flesh have become a must to flaunt the most stunningly flat ab. Body contouring makes it possible and change the way you look.

Body contouring in the area of abdomen can be best done via a procedure called tummy tuck in Oxnard. Tummy tuck alias abdominoplasty is best for firming up the muscles of the middle and lower abdomen. It addresses the problem of muscle laxity in the abdominal area. The abdomen is made thinner by removing extra skin and fat from the belly area with the aim to tighten up the fascia (the connective sheet of tissue beneath the skin surface) along with the abdominal muscles.

Tummy Tuck in Oxnard

The Cost of Tummy Tuck

Tummy tucking is good for several abdominal issues that need to be addressed by an individual. Besides excess fat accumulation, poor skin elasticity and weak connective tissues of abdomen can be redressed by abdominoplasty.

Cost of tummy tuck in Oxnard depends on the type of options you choose in abdominoplasty. The options include:

  • • Complete Abdominoplasty – the abdominal are from one hipbone to the other is cut to contour skin tissues and muscles.
  • • Mini/ Partial Abdominoplasty – this abdominal procedure is best for people whose fat deposit is concentrated underneath the belly button or the navel area.

Is Tummy Tuck the Same as Liposuction?

Tummy tuck and liposuction are considered best surgical treatments to slim down the waistline. Tummy tuck is often regarded similar to liposuction but there are differences in their targets. Both cater to removal of excess deposition of fat which sits stubborn under the epidermal layer of the skin.

Tummy tuck targets solely the abdomen area, making it flat, even and well-toned. Liposuction can target all possible fatty areas of the human body, like the belly fat, back rolls or the love handles. Stretch marks that result during and post-pregnancy can be remove by tummy tucking.

Then what’s the difference between the two? Tummy tuck is the one and only solution when you are keen to lift up the sagging abdominal muscles that result from massive weight or is a natural post-pregnancy consequence. The other reasons are aging and natural body type of the person. The two cosmetic procedures bring the best results in body contouring when loose skin and extra fat share a mutual connection with each other.

Get the desired results with tummy tuck surgery in Camarillo,Ventura & Thousand Oaks.For best result you can combine liposuction with tummy tuck. Consult a board certified tummy tuck surgeon in Oxnard Camarillo,Ventura & Thousand Oaks to know the pros and cons of the tummy contouring surgical procedure.z`

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